2017 Goals for Pink on the Cheek

I’m not going to start off this post by saying “New Year, New Me” because I am pretty happy how 2016 ended for me. But I do have some goals this year for Pink on the Cheek.

After the winter break, I thought about where I want to take my blog for the new year and how I can help my readers. One of my biggest passions about the blog community is sharing helping information with my readers.

I love being able to teach a new skill or help someone understand this crazy blog world…because it can be hella overwhelming. Even now – I have no idea how to keep up with it all. But that’s one my biggest goals this year…helping my readers understand all things blog life.

Weekly Reports

On Sunday, I am going to share a blog post about my weekly learnings from my blog and social media accounts. I am going to share what worked, what didn’t and how that can help you grow your audience and increase engagement. I am going to be pretty transparent on my strategy, so stay tuned!

Better Blog Photos

This goal has already started off amazing because I have teamed up with Julia O Test. Her photography is dreamy and has this sophisticated look. I instantly fell in love! Here is one of my favorite photos from her photo shoot with Wannabe Fashion Blogger, Tamryn.

Lucky me –  Julia is also my co-worker so we can take blog photos during lunch breaks! I’m already giddy just thinking that we can take photos every day.

More Engagement

I don’t just mean talking with my readers on the blog and social media. I feel like I have lost track of finding new bloggers, commenting on blogs, and staying social on blogs. I spend A LOT of time on Instagram, so that has been my focus for growth. But I can’t help but feel guilty that I am not reading enough blogs during the week and supporting the community. So in 2017, I am on the hunt for amazing new blogs to read and follow. If you have a favorite blog to share, even if it’s your own, comment below with a link!

Create my niche

Yeah, I am still classifying myself as a lifestyle blogger. But I am really trying to focus more on what makes me happy and what inspires my readers. So this year you are going to see more lifestyle blog posts that also have a focus on making a happy life. If there is something that can benefit my readers, that’s what I want to share!

Alright, 2017…let’s do this!

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  1. I need to be doing a couple of these, too! Especially engaging with new blogs. I’ve slacked off on that even though that was what made me love blogging.

    Posted 1.5.17 Reply