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Last year, my husband went on a mission to find the best possible underwear for everyday wear.  He started off with MeUndies, then Mack Weldon, and Tommy John. Here’s his breakdown and what he considers to be the best men’s underwear.

The best men's underwear, compared between Mack Wedon, MeUndies, and Tommy John.


Since I am no expert when it comes to men’s underwear, I am going to share my husband’s thoughts throughout this experience.


Fabric – 5/5
Waistband – 3.5/5
Support – 2/5
Price – $20

I found the waistband to be a little too tight that did not loosen up throughout the day. Because of the material used in the underwear, the pouch doesn’t give enough support and it feels like you are on display. It’s also annoying that there is no flap.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon

Fabric – 4/5
Waistband – 4/5
Support – 5/5
Price – $24

The fabric is soft but thicker than MeUndies. In regards to the waistband, it’s comfortable and not too tight. The support is good and has a traditional, vertical flap. It’s what you would expect from men’s underwear.

Tommy John

Fabric – 5/5
Waistband – 5/5
Support – 5/5
Price – $25 (Go Anywhere Collection)

The material feels almost like compression underwear, like something you would wear to the gym. But not actual compression, it’s more breathable. The support is good and keeps things in place. It doesn’t suffocate the boys. I was apprehensive about the horizontal flap that sits above the goods, but after using the flap, it seems even more natural than a traditional flap.

Before Ernie tried Tommy John, he actually thought he found his perfect match in Mack Weldon. Everything changed after a day’s wear in Tommy John.

Through his search for the best men’s underwear, Ernie now prefers Tommy John. If you are interested in trying the best men’s underwear, click here.





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  1. Maud wrote:

    Please thank your husband on behalf of my husband for doing the research. It must have been a tedious process!!!! Though he doesn’t know it yet, my husband will be getting some underwear for V day as a result!

    Posted 2.7.18 Reply
  2. Tiia wrote:

    Nice post! If I had a boyfriend, I would need these tips! 😀 Have a great week!

    Posted 2.7.18 Reply
  3. Jessica T wrote:

    I wish your husband had done this post a few weeks back as my husband has tried 4 different brands so far and hated them all. I guess we will be trying out Tommy John’s shortly!

    Posted 2.8.18 Reply