Carmel Dog-Friendly Travel Guide

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Ernie and I can find any excuse to head down to Carmel. But since we have joined a few wine clubs and the town is so dog-friendly, it makes for a fantastic weekend getaway when we just want to relax. Keep reading to see our favorite spots in my Carmel Dog-Friendly Travel Guide.

Hotel | Hofsas House

When it comes to hotels, Carmel has a lot to choose from that accommodate dogs, but our home away from is Hofsas House.

Hofsas House is a boutique, family-owned hotel that is just 3 blocks from Ocean Avenue, has spacious rooms for the whole family (plus the dog!), and provides picturesque views of the oceans. The patio is a great spot to watch the sunset with a bottle of wine and local cheese.

I love that the rooms are really big and provide a lot of room for Mochi to walk around. Even though he is always glued to my side, at least we are not stepping over each other!

Food | 5th Avenue Deli

Just a short walk from Hofsas House is 5th Avenue Deli.

Inside the deli, you can find a large variety of prepared food, a sandwich bar, and boxed lunches.

For breakfast, I grabbed us some spinach quiche, fruit and coffee for a breakfast on the patio. But if you are ready to get the day started, you can pick up a boxed meal and head down to dog beach!

Food |Lugano Swiss Bistro

For dinner, head down to the road to Lugano Swiss Bistro, located at The Barnyard Shopping Village.

Stepping into this restaurant felt like walking into a Swiss ski chalet. With wood-paneled walls, whimsical murals, and tons of charm, this restaurant serves the best of Swiss, French and German food!

Sometimes I am craving bratwurst, sauerkraut, and spätizli, but to be honest, you can’t find this just anywhere! I was thrilled when I found this gem of a restaurant. Plus, they had cheese fondue that is not to be missed!

Tasting Room | Scheid Vineyards

One of our wine memberships is at Scheid Vineyards and it’s always our favorite stop when we are in Carmel! The tasting room can be quite crowded on the weekend, but don’t let that deter you from coming in.

They have a wonderful variety of red and white wine, so it’s a great choice for larger parties so everyone can enjoy the tasting!

In between wine tastings, Ernie and I love to walk around Carmel to take in the shops, adorable homes, and the quaintness of the town.

It’s so nice to be able to drive in and leave our car at the hotel the whole weekend. Everything is walkable and it’s perfect for tiring out Mochi so he is nice and tired at restaurants.

Everyone thinks Mochi is the most well-behaved dog because he will sleep while we are eating. But he’s just so tired from all of the fun!

Click below to see my travel diary from our time in Carmel!

If you have ever stayed in Carmel, I would love to hear your favorite spots. I am sure we will be down there again soon!


  1. Olivia wrote:

    I wish my dog was well behaved enough to travel. This looks so fun! . . . I also wish I actually had money to travel with! Lol.

    Posted 5.2.19
  2. Last time we tried traveling with a dog, it was a little 10 lb Shi-Tzu named Munchie. I walked into a store carrying her and got stopped by security who informed me that I couldn’t have a dog in the store. I told him she was my “seeing-eye dog” and walked right past him…still carrying her. He wasn’t sure how to respond.

    Posted 5.2.19
  3. This is awesome – looks like an amazing location and glad it’s so dog friendly!

    Posted 5.3.19
  4. Luci wrote:

    Carmel looks so pretty and it is great that is dog friendly. Your puppy is so cute.

    Posted 5.3.19

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