Clean Floors in a Snap

This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Have I ever told you that I have moved over 40 times in my life? I absolutely know this isn’t the norm, but I feel like moving into a new apartment or home has become second nature to me.

I can pack an entire apartment on a weekend. I can schedule movers with the flick of a wrist. And moving day stress never bothers me.

But how do you maintain a freshly clean, new home? It’s all about the upkeep.

Bona is here it make your summer cleaning just a little bit easier. With their new Bona Essentials collections, you get a perfectly curated selection of Bona product to tackle life’s moments – like moving into a new home!

Don’t wait until you start seeing dust bunnies piling up and tons of footprints on your hardwood floors. Start a weekly schedule for cleaning!

I promise you, it will be so much easier to clean if you tackle the chores each week.

Bona mops do all the heavy lifting when it comes to deep cleaning your floors. You don’t need a mop and bucket! Just a Bona mop with a microfiber pad and their hardwood floor deep cleaner.

Also, if you have pets, make sure that the floor cleaner you use is pet-friendly! Bona cleaners are pet and child safe!

Bless his heart. Mochi always thinks that if the camera is out, the photos are about him.

If you are moving this summer, you are not alone. Summer is the peak season for movers! Personally, I love moving offseason because it’s easier to secure movers, rent prices are cheaper, and I don’t have a lot of competition when it comes to apartment availability!

If you are moving this summer, let me know in the comments! I am not leaving our house anytime soon (I love it!), but I love hearing moving stories.

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  1. Bona products are perfect for cleaning when moving! P.S. Mochi is so cute!

    Posted 8.7.19 Reply