CoSchedule Review

I found an easy way to do all of my social media scheduling, without the stress. Keep reading to find out how I schedule all of my social media posts, right from WordPress!Stress Free Social Media Scheduling with Coschedule

With CoSchedule, I am able to schedule my social media posts, update my editorial calendar, and easily integrate with my Google Analytics.

If you work with teams or even collaborators on your blog, CoSchedule has a plan tailored for you.

WordPress Plugin

At the bottom of my blog post, I can schedule ALL of my posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and even Instagram. That way, I don’t have to go to another app to schedule and publish all of these posts.

The best part about using CoSchedule for my schedule process is that the plugin already has built-in options for posting at the best times for me. That way my shares are getting publish at the perfect time!


If some of my posts are ranking well, I can find that information in the top content area.

Of course they made it easy to share these posts again, right from this page.

Drag and drop calendar

One of the best features of CoSchedule is the ability to drag and drop your entire editorial calendar. There is nothing to worry about if a post date changes!


Say you are supposed to schedule a sponsored post for tomorrow, and the brand emails you and reschedules your date. You can literally drag the post to the new calendar date. Then ALL of the social media posts that you had scheduled get moved as well!

I am visual person, so it’s great to be able to see my entire month’s of posts on one screen. I don’t have to click around to different apps to get an idea of what my month looks like! So if a brand wants to know if I am available on a certain date to post, I can use CoSchedule to answer them right away!

Watch their video to see how easy it is to get set up

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Final Thoughts

This scheduler is a gem for bloggers who need to do all of their scheduling at once. Since I work a full-time job as well, I have a limited amount of time at night and the weekends to work on my blog. With CoSchedule, I can be assured that I can find all of my work in one place and track reports.

The price tag for this app (starting at $30/month) may not be for everyone. For me, I value my time. I know that for a small price, I can auto-schedule all of my work and sit back. If you are willing to take away some features, there is a standard calendar version for $15/month. 

If you want to try out this app for yourself, sign up for their FREE 14 day trial. That way you can play around with the all features and see if this program is best for you.

Do you use an auto-scheduler for your blog? I would love to know if you try out CoSchedule for yourself! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.


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