Disguise Your Hair Tie

On yesterday’s post (Stitch Fix Reveal) you may have noticed these adorable bracelets on my wrist.¬†Bela Bracelet, disguise your hair tie!

Well these bracelets are holding a little secret…they are actually holding my hair ties!

The Bela Bracelets are made by two sisters (Liz + Lauren), who found an adorable and affordable way to disguise your hair ties. These bracelets feel like a grown up version of just slipping a hair tie on your wrist. Plus, the bracelets look great with my existing jewelry collection!

IMG_6690 IMG_6693

If you have a wedding coming up this year, these bracelets would be an amazing gift for your bridesmaids. The shop even has an option to buy more and save!

IMG_6694 IMG_6696

The owners are going through a rebranding right now, they used to be The Bangle Bear. Some of the bracelets have this cute little bear engraved inside! I personally love this little bear – it reminds me of the time my friend Cindy and I met a Grizzly Bear!

Aren’t these just the most genius way to hold a hair tie? I am excited to gift one of these to a friend who is constantly forgetting her hair ties!

Plus head to the Bela Bracelet’s Instagram page¬†right now, there’s a giveaway going on for two bracelets!

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