Disguise Your Hair Tie

On yesterday’s post (Stitch Fix Reveal) you may have noticed these adorable bracelets on my wrist. Bela Bracelet, disguise your hair tie!

Well these bracelets are holding a little secret…they are actually holding my hair ties!

The Bela Bracelets are made by two sisters (Liz + Lauren), who found an adorable and affordable way to disguise your hair ties. These bracelets feel like a grown up version of just slipping a hair tie on your wrist. Plus, the bracelets look great with my existing jewelry collection!

IMG_6690 IMG_6693

If you have a wedding coming up this year, these bracelets would be an amazing gift for your bridesmaids. The shop even has an option to buy more and save!

IMG_6694 IMG_6696

The owners are going through a rebranding right now, they used to be The Bangle Bear. Some of the bracelets have this cute little bear engraved inside! I personally love this little bear – it reminds me of the time my friend Cindy and I met a Grizzly Bear!

Aren’t these just the most genius way to hold a hair tie? I am excited to gift one of these to a friend who is constantly forgetting her hair ties!

Plus head to the Bela Bracelet’s Instagram page right now, there’s a giveaway going on for two bracelets!