A Holiday Gift That Also Helps the Environment

If you are thinking about out-the-box gift ideas this holiday season, here’s one gift that also helps the environment!

Cool Effect is a crowdfunding platform that partners with carbon-reducing products around the world. This holiday season, Cool Effect has created unique gift bundles that will fight climate change.

With Cool Effect and their holiday gift bundles, there is sure to be a gift that resonates with your loved one.

For example, my whole family loves coffee.

The farmers in growing regions have seen their farms get hotter and drier due to climate change. Unfortunately, that means that could lead to less coffee.

By purchasing the Brew-tiful Gift package on Cool Effect, your gift will help reduce Earth-warming emissions by reducing the number of firewood that is cut down.

Not only will this gift help the coffee farmers but it will also help the Mirador Clean Cookstoves project.

This project helps to build cookstoves across Honduras that will use half the amount of wood than traditional stoves.

With this gift bundle, your recipient will receive

  • A personalized certificate with their name
  • Instructions and paper to create their own origami coffee cup
  • A personalized message from you

These gift bundles truly take steps to help our planet because 90% of each contribution goes to the projects.

I encourage you to visit the Cool Effect website and find a gift bundle that can resonate with your family this holiday season.





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