Planner Review: The Happy Planner


Last month, I attended the Elevate Blog Conference for the fifth year. Each year, the sponsors are incredible and VERY generous. For this year, Me and My Big Ideas was one of the craft sponsors and they gave The Happy Planner to every attendee! I told you the sponsors were generous!

During the conference, Stephanie from MAMBI, shared how she uses the planner for herself. I was so inspired by her planner – everything was so colorful and organized! I loved the idea of being able to see my calendar at a glance, take notes while on the phone, and just staying on top of my workload.

The downside to this new planner was that it didn’t start until July! My heart broke when I found out that I couldn’t fully use this planner for another two months.

But MAMBI had me covered. At Michaels, I found this six month extension pack. I had to go to three Michaels stores to find it, but I did it! Since I only needed two months, I sent the other half of the kit to my friend, Tausha.

Boom, I was ready to start planning!

Let’s See InsideIMG_6599IMG_6612

One of the coolest features of The Happy Planner is the ability to put in or take out whatever you want. This is my first page when I open the planner. I have my sticky notes for easy to set reminders and a folder of stickers and receipts.

IMG_6615 IMG_6616

These are some of my favorite stickers – they are made out of washi tape! I am definitely running out and will have to restock. You can find the planner accessories on MAMBI or Michaels.


Here are some pages out of my planner.IMG_6617 IMG_6619

Since the extension pack has customizable pages, I have been using more of my washi tape to dress up the pages. Remember when I said you can add in anything?  You can buy these clippers and add in anything that you want to the planner. Above you can see I added photo booth pictures from the Elevate Conference!


Here is an example of a calendar page that comes with the planner. IMG_6622

In the back of the planner, I added extra note pages. I was always looking for a paper when I was on conference calls. Not anymore!


The cutest thing about this planner is that the accessories match the planner. Isn’t this washi tape the cutest?!


When I was at the conference, we were also given extra covers and note pads to make our own planner. So, if this planner doesn’t do it for you, that’s okay – you can make your own!

At Michaels, I found this Home Planner Extension Pack. Instead of making a notebook from the conference, I used the covers and coil to make a separate home planner. You could also add these pages to your existing planner if you like everything in one place. 


Here’s what it looks like inside!

IMG_6634 IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6637 IMG_6638 IMG_6640 IMG_6641 IMG_6642

Doesn’t it just inspire you to get organized?

Research has found that when you write things down on paper, it makes you more committed and it’s better for your memory. I still use the calendar on my phone for alerts, but since May I have converted everything to this planner. I found that I remember appointments better, I am on top of my blogging schedule, and it gives me a mental picture of my day.

Ready to get going? Check out Me and My Big Ideas here!


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  1. Totally going to use those 12 months of preplanned date night coupons!

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  2. Jeanine @ wrote:

    Oh my gosh that donut one is fantastic! So cute, I love them all!

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  3. ahealthier fitterme wrote:

    love it all.. these are great inexpensive but special and thoughtful ideas… Funny, I gave the hubby a coupon book one year and after a couple of days, I hide that sucker cause I was not willing to do half of the things that were (not by me) printed out on those coupons… I say do it your self date cards are the way to go.. lol

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  4. …but what about single awareness day?

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  5. Chelley Martinka wrote:

    These are adorable! I love the stud muffin one- I’ll have to print it out for breakfast!

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  6. Super cute printables! I LOVE the studmuffin one; my husband would get a kick out of that one. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  7. Fun giveaway! I love the donut printables- so cute :-). We just celebrated our “dating anniversary” too, it totally makes sense!

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  8. Karissa Ancell wrote:

    These are so great, I love the donut package one.

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  9. I love the donut box one! These are really great!

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  10. Brenda wrote:

    I love the donut ideas! Donuts and milk are a big weakness of mine. So excited for Valentine’s Day!

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
  11. Mandi Kane wrote:

    Super cute. I may use some of these for my co-workers.

    Posted 2.5.15 Reply
  12. Debi Robarts wrote:

    Love these! Definitely going to use them for my love! 🙂

    Posted 2.5.15 Reply
  13. Rebekah wrote:

    All these donuts are making me hungry! Wonderful printouts 😀

    Posted 2.5.15 Reply
  14. Iris wrote:

    Such cute printables!! I tried the whole coupon gift idea for my hubby last year. The man didn’t use any of them. I think my problem is I give him things I would like to be given not realizing he’s not me! lol

    Posted 2.5.15 Reply
  15. By Rosie wrote:

    Ahhh lovely ideas lauren.

    I might have to download a few


    Posted 2.5.15 Reply
  16. Ananda wrote:

    so cute! i really love the “i’m donuts over you”!!!!

    Posted 2.5.15 Reply
  17. charmedmom wrote:

    Very nice printables! Great ideas for Valentine gifts!

    Posted 2.6.15 Reply
  18. Anosa wrote:

    These are gorgeous printables and love the giveaway. I love low key v-day and we too celebrating dating anniversary and ours is january 19

    Posted 2.6.15 Reply
  19. Carly Anderson wrote:

    All those donut printables? Yes please!!!

    Posted 2.7.15 Reply
  20. Camesha wrote:

    I absolutely love the donuts! It could be my sweet tooth talking.

    I’ll be printing out the 12 months of date nights! Thanks for this round up.

    Posted 2.8.15 Reply
  21. Anita wrote:

    Love all these printables – especially the donut ones as I make donuts all the time! Thanks so much!

    Posted 2.9.15 Reply
  22. This is amazing and I would love to win those candles! LOL! I am a candle girl, woo woo! 🙂

    Posted 2.10.15 Reply
  23. These are amazing ideas! I’ll have to print a few out for Valentine’s day!

    Posted 2.11.15 Reply
  24. Cindy wrote:

    I see you there, Din Tai Fung w/ Cindy on the 10th! <3 LET'S DO THIS!

    Posted 6.7.16 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      Good eye!! I am counting down the days to the dumplings!

      Posted 6.7.16 Reply
  25. Alex wrote:

    Wait.. These look exactly like EC Life Planners. Only cheaper, and with a whole lot more options! I’ve been debating whether or not to get another ECLP for next year, but I think I’m sold on these! I wonder if the boxes are the same sizes?! I have enough stickers to last me the rest of my life..!

    Posted 6.8.16 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      I want to say that these boxes are the same size as the ECLP. But I use all kinds of stickers in my Happy Planner, I am not too concerned if it doesn’t fit the width 🙂

      Posted 6.8.16 Reply
  26. Lena wrote:

    I am in lovvvvve with my plannner!!! Got the same design as yours!!! Thinking about gettingg a second one just for my blog schedule haha… Beautiful post=) Loved meeting you at elevate!!!

    Posted 6.14.16 Reply