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Burke Williams SpaSpoil your Mom this Mother’s Day with the new custom body polish from Burke Williams Spa

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had a “me” day at the Santana Row Burke Williams Spa last week. Normally I like treating myself to a hour long massage or facial, but that day I experienced the new Custom Body Polish.

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You can find the Santana Row Burke Williams Spa underneath the Hotel Valencia. Look for the staircase by their valet!

web-BW_2012SanJose_01Tips before going to Burke Williams Spa

  • Burke William Spa carries a lot of amenities in their women’s locker room
    • Shampoo, conditioner, and soap
    • Hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners
    • Hair products such as dry shampoo, shine spray, gel, & thermal protection spray
    • Deodorant, lotion, hair ties, razors, and even bags to hold your wet bathing suit
    • I suggest bringing your bathing suit (or you can be nude) for the spa area
      • Cooling mist room
      • Steam room
      • Sauna
      • Whirlpool


One of my favorite areas in Burke Williams is the women’s quiet room. The chairs are super plush and each have a cozy blanket. I love going in there after my treatment to continue my relaxation process. You can read, sleep, or just be with your thoughts in peace.

Custom Body Polish

This is Burke Williams Spa’s newest body treatment and it really is incredible.

I began my treatment by meeting with Kelsey and going over my skin care needs. The treatment involves a mini facial so it’s best to say if you have any concerns in the beginning. I have really dry skin and lots of blackheads (gross, I know) so I wanted Kelsey to treat my skin for those problems.

Then I was able to choose my lotion scent between lavender and coconut. I LOVE coconut, so that’s what I went with!

I was completely undressed and Kelsey made me feel really comfortable. During the treatment, I realized why it was best to be nude. The treatment began with sugaring my entire body with the coconut scrub, then buffering the sugar into my skin. The machine that Kelsey used to buffer my skin would totally have caught on the side of my bikini. So I was glad I didn’t have to worry about that. I felt like a car being buffered, but in the best way possible.

After sugaring my entire body, I was wrapped in a thermal blanket and my mini facial began. (I felt and looked like a Chipotle burrito!) My facial was pretty similar to what I had at Burke Williams before today. I loved the facial massage and the masks that were used. Everything smelled good enough to eat!

After my facial was finished, I was sent to the private shower to rinse off. I swear I felt lighter and thinner after the exfoliation! Lots of toxins were being released and I felt like Kelsey sloughed off an extra layer of skin.

After showering, I was whisked back into my treatment room to get the lotion massaged into my skin. Once again it was the buffing machine. I actually liked the vibrations! There were moments where I could have easily fallen asleep.

web-BW_2012SanJose_04After the treatment, Kelsey lead me into the quiet room to relax. I wrapped myself into a blanket and rested my eyes. I was completely blissed out!

What I thought during my “me day” was that my Mom deserved one as well. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat Mom for everything that she does for the family. A custom body polish from Burke Williams is the perfect treatment to rejuvenate the skin and prepare for spring weather. I promise, there is a heavy layer of winter skin ready to be buffed away! Your Mom will LOVE the quiet time to herself at Burke Williams Spa. Plus, you will be crowned favorite child. I know she won’t admit it 🙂

Head to Burke Williams Spa and reserve an appointment for your Mom today.

I received a complimentary treatment, but my opinions are all my own.

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  1. Nancy wrote:

    Omg haha I loved how you described your body treatment like as buffin’ a car. Glad you enjoyed your time there! I stayed at Hotel Valencia last year for a night when I had my best bud visit from Canada (omg it’s gorgeous there isn’t it?!).

    Posted 4.20.16 Reply