How to Keep Your Summer Glow All Year

When the season changes to fall, it’s bittersweet for me. I am excited for all things plaid, pumpkins, and lots of layers. But then it also means the end of pool parties, BBQs and that beautiful summer glow.

Today I am going to share my secret for keeping a summer glow all year long.

Keep your summer glow all year long with Million Dollar Tan

My skin is pretty fair, which is a nice way of saying that my skin is PALE. Like I can’t get a tan to save my life. So instead of heading out in the sun and burning damaging my skin, I like to achieve a natural looking tan with Million Dollar Tan.

When prepping your skin for the tanning lotion, it’s so important to buff away all the dead skin. I keep the Body Buffer in my shower so I don’t forget to exfoliate on tanning day. Even my husband loves the peppermint smell! He’s not tanning, but he definitely enjoys a nice scrub. 

Another pro tip when applying your lotion is to use a body mitt. I can’t even tell you why it’s taken me so long to get a mitt. No more streaky lotion and orange hands. This body mitt is a MUST HAVE. Make sure you wash the mitt after every use.

Finally, when you are finished tanning, there is not a horrible lingering smell. Even if I day during the day, I don’t just smell like I have tanning lotion on. I haven’t done the tanning lotion routine while I sleep, but that could be another option. You would just go to sleep and rinse off during your morning shower!


Million Dollar Tan has thought of everything to make sure your summer glow looks amazing. Instead of buying a new darker foundation, they have these Foundation Boosters that you can add to your existing your foundation. I use the medium Foundation Booster and it works perfectly with my Urban Decay Naked Skin.

Want to see what a difference Million Dollar Tan does for my skin?


I love that I get a golden glow to my skin. This is just after one use and if I want to build up my tan, I can continue to use the lotion each day until I get my desired color.

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If you have a favorite tanning product, I would love to hear. Leave me a comment below to share your tanning tips!

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