Super Bowl Party Ideas

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Are you ready for the big game? Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner, on February 3rd, so it’s time to start planning! Here are my favorite Super Bowl Party Ideas, perfect for any type of get-together.

Super Bowl Party Ideas with Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wings.

Buffalo Wings

The Super Bowl doesn’t have an official food, but if it did, the front-runner would be chicken wings. Did you know that last year the National Chicken Council estimated that nearly 1.35 billion chicken wings were consumed?

With Frank’s RedHot Wings, you can present delicious, ready to go food that will feed a crowd. Found in the freezer isle at Walmart, you can choose your favorite flavor from Buffalo, Kickin’ BBQ, and Original.

If you like your wings extra sauce, don’t forget Frank’s RedHot sauce so you can add more flavor!

Football themed decor

It’s so easy to make these football mason jars! All you need to do is cut the vinyl with your Cricut machine. If you don’t have an easy way to cut these “laces”, you can draw them on with a chalkboard pen.

Themed Jello Cups

Show off your team colors by making jello cups supporting your favorite team! You can use a variety of Jello mixes to make layered cups.

Super Bowl Bingo

To keep the game interesting, create your own bingo game! Each box can represent something that might happen in the game or during a commercial. For example, tailgating, Gatorade, field goal, celebrity sighting, etc.

Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game or just the commercials? I am all about the commercials and food! Leave a comment below if you are Team Football or Team Commercials.


  1. Nella wrote:

    These are some great ideas. I don’t watch the superbowl but these can apply to other sports and get together. Love it!

    Posted 1.6.19

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