The Best New Products for Spring 2020

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Yes, Spring is here and the weather has been nothing but gorgeous here in the Bay Area. If you are like me, you are itching to lose the sweatpants and get outdoors.

To get ready for the season, I have partnered with BabbleBoxx to share some of the best new products for Spring 2020.

Some of the best new products for Summer 2020 featuring Reef, Swig Life, and Zenni Optical.

While my plans for Spring 2020 included travel and spending time with friends, I have learned to find joy and happiness while at home. For example, I finally organized my hall closet and purged items that have been sitting around since we moved in two years ago!

I have also enjoyed trying out and using some of these must-have items for spring. If you are looking for a pick me up, keep reading!

Cushion Sol and Escape Mule TX from REEF

You know you have been inside for way too long when your dog gets concerned when you put your shoes on!

Personally, I have been a huge fan of REEF, going back to high school. They have the cutest styles and all of their shoes are so comfortable!

Their new styles are on trend and fit in perfectly with my spring wardrobe.

REEF Cushion Sol

  • Vegan leather straps
  • High rebound footbed for extra comfort

REEF Escape Mule TX

  • Anatomical arch support for all day comfort
  • Espadrille detailing

Both shoes are great options to go with any shorts and dresses this spring!

Zenni BlokzTM Blue Light Lenses

I feel like I have been living behind either a computer screen or my phone for years. I have been horrible when it comes to paying attention to the warning signs when it comes to eye fatigue and eye strain.

Luckily, these Zenni eyewear blue light glasses couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as I have been working from home.

First of all, these glasses were made for me. They are funky and totally unique.

Zenni offers the LARGEST selection of affordable prescription glasses online. Starting at just $6.95 (wow!), all of the glasses can be made with Zenni BlokzTM blue blocker lenses.

Infinite CBD

Hand Sanitizer

Who knew that hand sanitizer was going to be one of the top trending items in 2020?! This sanitizer has lemon essential oil and does not dry out your hands thanks to Nano CBD. I keep mine in my purse for when I am out at the grocery store.

Sour + Regular Asteroid Gummies

The perfect pick me up! These Vegan asteroid gummies comes in sour and regular flavor and offer 25mg of pure CBD isolate.

Get 20% off your first order with my link!

Swig Life

At my bridal shower, everyone surprised me with a new cup or mug to add to my collection. That’s how much I absolutely love cups!

The Swig Life collection of coolers and cups have triple insulation to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature – whether that is hot OR cold!

Swig Can Cooler

This cooler will keep your slim can beverages cold up to 12 hours. I mean, who nurses a drink for 12 hours…but the technology is there if you wanted to test it out 🙂 All you need to do is slide your drink in the cooler and then unscrew the top ring to get the empty can.

Swig Wine Tumblers

If you love chilled wine or want to keep your coffee warm (up to 3 hours!), the stemless wine cup from Swig Life is the one for you. Personally, I like to keep a crisp Chardonnay from in my Swig Life tumbler. The brand even shared that you could put ice cream in it for late-night treats!

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Anti-Aging Ampoule Serum from Vichy

I am new to the Vichy brand and so far I have enjoyed testing their LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti-Aging Ampoule Serum.

The serum is formulated with only 10 ingredients including 10% Vitamin C, Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid, and Plant-Based Phyto Peptides.

The serum is clinically proven to provide skin firmness and hydration.

Erin’s Faces

I am a sucker for trying new mascara. Since I am so clumsy when it comes to false eyelashes, I prefer a great mascara to do the heavy lifting.

Matcha Mascara

Lengthens, volumizes, and resists flaking – it’s exactly what I am looking for in my go-to mascara. This Organic Matcha Mascara from Erin’s Faces has the gold standard of matcha from Encha Organic Matcha.

I love that hourglass shaped brush and that the container is recyclable glass!

Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balm

Yes, to organic products! This lip balm comes in three gorgeous shades – Blushed, Flushed, or Crushed. Plus, they smell delicious thanks to the organic peppermint oil and organic vanilla.

Use code SPRINGTIME10 for 10% off now until May 31

OPI Nail Lacquer

The number one salon brand worldwide for a reason! OPI is my go-to nail polish and now that I am stuck doing my own mani-pedis at home, I need the best chip-free polish.

The OPI nail lacquers do not need a lamp to cure and provide up to 7 days of wear.

This color is from the Hello Kitty collection in the shade ‘Pile on the Sprinkles’.

All of these items brought such a smile on my face and really made me excited for spring. From relaxing with CBD gummies, walking around the neighborhood in my new REEF sandals, to getting ready for the day with a fresh coat of mascara and nail polish it’s really the little things that count!

If any of these products look interesting to you, I encourage you to check out their individual websites and support the brands that help keep this blog running!

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