Tips on How to Care for Your Senior Dog

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I can still remember the day when my husband and I brought Mochi home. We were both filled with excitement to finally have a dog join our family.

Little did we know that Mochi would soon test our patience, destroy important documents (he chewed Ernie’s birth certificate!), and even try to drain our bank accounts at vet visits when we found out that he was pretty much allergic to all plants and trees!

Tips on How to Care for Your Senior Dog

But with having a dog, Mochi brings so much joy to our world that we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. 

As Mochi is turning 11 this June (cue the waterworks!), we are hyper-focused on how we can make sure he is staying healthy in his senior years. 

Tips on how to care for your senior dog

Proper Diet

It is crucial to a dog’s health to make sure they are getting proper nutrition and their necessary vitamins, nutrients, and protein all from one food source. We chose to feed Mochi Wellness CORE RawRev with Wholesome Grains Original. 

  • Delicious pieces of 100% freeze-dried meat
  • Key ingredients are turkey, chicken livers, and flaxseed
  • Omega Fatty Acids for healthy skin and coat
    • Mochi has dry skin and can become very itchy due to his allergies. Fish oil and Omega Fatty Acids help make sure he doesn’t have an itchy fit.
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint health
    • We recently discovered that Mochi has severe arthritis in his elbow. Glucosamine helps lubricate his joints and allow him to have less limping and joint pain.

With Wellness CORE RawRev, Mochi is staying healthy from the inside out. With the right food, you are providing your dog with the ability to have a long and happy life.

Daily Exercise

Given Mochi’s recent arthritis, we are under the vet’s recommendation to give Mochi shorter, more frequent walks throughout the day compared to longer walks. 

Now that I am working from home fulltime, I am able to walk Mochi at least 3 times a day around the neighborhood. Somedays, I load Mochi up in the car and take him to a park nearby to walk around and change the scenery. Needless to say, Mochi is thrilled!

How to care for your senior dog

Regular Teeth Brushing

Yes, we can always do better when it comes to brushing Mochi’s teeth, but now it’s more important than ever. Brushing is important because it cleans away the plaque that leads to bad breath or more serious problems such as decayed teeth or gum disease.

Special Accommodations

Under our vet’s guidance, we should be helping Mochi to get in and out of our car because when he lands, this can have damaging effects to his joints. Of course, he looks like the prince he is when we are carrying him around!

We also make sure to put area rugs around the house to prevent Mochi from slipping and allow him to get up easier. 

Overall, Mochi is a very healthy dog. We constantly get asked by strangers how old he is. They are shocked when we say he is 11 – they think we mean 11 months! I wholeheartedly believe it’s because we are attuned to Mochi’s diet and exercise. It’s truly the only thing we can control to make sure he is happy and healthy. 

Tips on how to care for your senior dog

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