First-Trimester Update

My first trimester was a whirlwind of excitement and anxious feelings, stemming from the fact that I couldn’t believe that I was actually pregnant. But, I will break it all down in my first trimester update.

Ernie and I were elated to find out we were pregnant and it made it feel so much more special when we shared the news with you all.

I recognize that some people are struggling or trying to conceive right now. I am sending virtual hugs your way because I know the road to motherhood is not easy.

First Trimester Recap

How did I find out I was pregnant?

Ever since going off birth control, my cycles were never consistent. But when speaking with my OBGYN, as long as they were in a week of my previous cycle, everything was considered normal.

I tracked my cycle every month and it wasn’t until May 29th when I realized that it had been longer than normal to get my period. At that time, it had been about 37 days without a period.

I had one pregnancy test in my house, so I just got up from the couch and went to the bathroom to figure it out. Without ever alerting Ernie, who was at home watching TV with me, what I was about to do. Honestly, I didn’t feel the need to tell him because I was 100% thinking that I was not pregnant!

Well, just three minutes later, I was staring at a positive pregnancy test. In disbelief, I starting yelling, “Ernie, Ernie, you gotta come here and look at this!” He got up, thinking I was about to show him a funny TikTok or meme, had no idea was about to show him a pregnancy test.

We went back and forth, with me asking Ernie what do you see? He said that’s positive. I would say, no way. Then, I just sat back down and tried to gather my thoughts.

Funny enough, I had a photoshoot scheduled for blog photos with a new photographer, Alice Shang that afternoon. Honestly, I thought it was really cool that I have photos from the day I found out I was pregnant. I never told Alice, but the entire shoot, I kept thinking OMG I AM PREGNANT!!!!

How did I feel during my first trimester?

I had heard that during my first trimester, I would experience the typical symptoms of feeling tired, sore breasts, nausea, morning sickness, etc. Well, I consider myself extremely lucky but I didn’t feel any of these symptoms.

How I felt:

  • Winded/out of breath while working out for just 15 minutes
  • Food aversion
    • Ernie was on top of me to make sure I was eating throughout the day even though NOTHING sounded or tasted good.
    • All I ate were smoothies
  • Thirsty
    • I don’t have a problem drinking water, but I was chugging ice-cold water throughout the day
  • Bloated
  • Brain fog
    • Whoa, this hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt like I could barely form sentences some days! If I didn’t write something down, I would completely forget. Honestly, this was really hard for me because it made me feel lost in my own head when all I wanted to do was at productive.
  • So much acne
    • Still experiencing this in my second trimester, but the cystic acne came with a vengeance.

To be honest, I felt really good during my first trimester. I know it could have been much worse, so I considered myself lucky with the mild symptoms I experienced.

6 weeks pregnant

8 weeks pregnant

11 weeks pregnant

Having a healthy pregnancy is not lost on me. I feel truly blessed that my baby and I are healthy and everything is going well.

Up next, first trimester items that had made my pregnancy a little bit easier.