How to Find Cute Instagram Stickers

During this unprecedented time of being in under Shelter in Place, it’s natural that we are going to be on our phones a lot more to connect with friends and family.

To connect with an audience in real-time, the best method is Instagram Stories. With the ability to share quick videos and photos, a creator has between 7 to 15 seconds to capture the attention of their audience.

To create an eye-catching Instagram Story, my suggestion is to stay within your brand colors, aesthetics, and niche.

Using the same colors and themes within your Instagram Stories will provide brand recognition from your audience and they will learn what to expect when viewing your story.

To take your Instagram stories up a notch, find your favorite stickers and keep them in a list on your iPhone’s notepad. That way you can easily reference them while editing!

My Favorite Instagram Stickers

  • Mikyla⁣
  • Muchable⁣
  • Izzyink⁣
  • Hanmade ⁣
  • Studiojonesie⁣
  • Vipapier⁣
  • Shopamyzhang⁣
  • Unblushing⁣
  • Steffi⁣
  • Gladdest⁣

How to find cute Instagram stickers

To find these stickers, when on IG stories, click on the STICKER button > GIF, then type in your search!⁣

If you have found that you like this list of stickers, feel free to copy and paste this list into your phone.

Got a favorite sticker pack? I want to hear! Share your favorites below in the comments.

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Did you know there is an easy way to find cute Instagram stickers? Click through to find how I find and store my favorite stickers.