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A few times during the week, my husband Ernie heads out to hit some balls at the driving range. But now that the temperature is dipping into the 40s at night, I want to make sure he keeps warm while outside. Keep reading to find out how Ernie and I stay warm while keeping up with our outdoor activities.


Last week, it got pretty cold in the Bay Area. It gave us just a taste of what’s to come this winter. So when Ernie headed out to the range, he layered his golf outfit with the White Sierra Cloud Rest 1/4 Zip.

img_7440 img_7451

With the Cloud Rest 1/4 Zip, Ernie was able to keep warm and not compromise his golf swing.

Every once in and while I like to join Ernie at the range. I normally bring a book and keep him company. But this time, I decided to take a few swings.

img_7462 img_7453

^^White Sierra Adventure Fleece Pullover (Silver Grey)

While Ernie is amazing at playing golf, I am the complete opposite. I am actually pretty bad.¬†But it’s still fun to watch Ernie hit some incredible long drives.

We like to joke about how warm our White Sierra jackets are, but they are honestly some of the best cold-weather pieces we own! Anytime we are heading out to work, going out at night, or just walking Mochi, we grab one of our White Sierra pieces.

I love supporting local companies and White Sierra is practically in my backyard, located in Sunnyvale. If you are in the Bay Area, they have an outlet sale going on right now.

If you are not local to the Bay Area, or just want a crazy good deal, White Sierra is giving my readers an exclusive promo code (PINK33) for 33% off your next purchase.

Do you own any White Sierra gear? What items would you purchase to stay warm this winter? Leave me a note in the comments!

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