How to Train for a Half Marathon with Moov

how to train for a half marathon with Moov

Moov is the world’s most advanced fitness device that will help you train for a half marathon. I was introduced to Moov while attending the Get Geeked event in San Francisco. As a disappointed Fitbit user, I was eager to learn how Moov could help me run longer and faster without injury.


Why didn’t I like my Fitbit? I was not a fan of my fitness device because when I would ride my bike to CrossFit, my steps were not being tracked. It was also frustrating to finish a CrossFit WOD and realize that my Fitbit wasn’t monitoring my workout. Top all of this with a device that stopped charging multiple times, and it was time to throw in the fitness device towel.


I decided to give Moov a trial while out for a run. I was already excited because Moov comes with an ankle strap. This device doesn’t just sit on your wrist! After downloading the Run + Walk Moov app on my phone, I selected the sprint interval training and synced my Moov. I said I would do 5 intervals and began my workout.

First off, I enjoyed hearing the training guidance in my headphones while still being able to listen to my music. After jogging for a bit, the interval began for one minute of sprinting. The training guide instructed me to reach a higher cadence and wider range of motion with my legs.

One item I should note, I was using an arm strap with my phone and the app wanted me to swipe and accept another level up to push myself for the second interval. Well, I couldn’t swipe up on my phone because it was strapped to my arm and in a plastic case. I would have had to take my phone out and hold it in my hand. I instead chose to ignore leveling up and continued with my sprint intervals. That was a bummer, but perhaps there will be a change to the app in the future that can be hands-free while running.


When I finished my interval training, my Moov app gave me a breakdown of my workout. I ran for 18.31 minutes for 1.6 miles and burned 174 calories. Not bad too shabby!

How can Moov help you train for your half marathon? The device is way more than a tracker, you get a coach. While running, Moov will track factors such as stride rate and landing impact, and advice is given on how to change your running style for greater efficiency.

Final thoughts:

I was really impressed with my Moov. I thought that it was a pretty genius tip when the device noticed that I needed to increase my range of motion with my legs. I also loved when it shared how far I ran including my mile pace. Get this – my Moov even told me my elevation during the run. I can’t wait to try this out on a hilly run.

One downside – this device is addictive. Getting real-time feedback on my run is really beneficial. I like knowing that I am reaching a goal and it makes me run a little bit more fun.

Have you thought about using a fitness device to reach your goals? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to Moov for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts are completely my own. 

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