How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Halloween

If your dog is like mine, they might get frightened and stressed by everyday things like a ringing doorbell. Since Halloween is around the corner, here’s how to keep your dog calm throughout the night.

Stressed out Puppy since Day One

Since Mochi joined our family eight years ago, the littlest things during the day could stress him out.

From the first time we left him alone, Mochi fell into extreme separation anxiety mode and cried for 4 hours. I knew this because a neighbor left a note on our door stating that it sounded like our dog was in pain. But luckily, he was not in pain…just sad that we had left him.

So, to fix the situation, and make Mochi happy, we enrolled him in doggie daycare for the days that we would be gone for a long time.

But, Mochi would still panic around ringing doorbells, people around outside our apartment, and if anyone left from a group (like getting up from a table at a restaurant).

I felt helpless because I had no idea how to ease his anxiety! Unfortunately, Mochi does not immediately calm down from my trying to hold him and tell him he is okay.

This month, Mochi and I were introduced to Calmz, an anxiety relief system that helps owners who are seeking a solution for their pets. The system is a non-invasive treatment that uses a comfort fit vest and a Calmz device that plays classical music and light vibrations.

It’s best to work in steps to introduce your dog to the Calmz system.

I made a mini video to demonstrate how Mochi used his Calmz system.

Of course, he’s just hamming it up for the camera!

Throughout the process of introducing Mochi to the Calmz system, he enjoyed wearing his vest and allowing me to turn on the Calmz remote on his back. What I didn’t expect was that he would continue to play while going through the six-minute session! But I am assuming that is a good thing if Mochi is calm enough to play and chew while being soothed by classical music.

Since Halloween is coming up, I am excited to try out this system for Mochi. I am thankful that we don’t live in a neighborhood with a steady stream of trick-or-treaters, but just a few knocks at the door can upset Mochi.

I will be sure to report back on Facebook on Halloween and share how the treatment is going for Mochi. Make sure to follow me there!

If you have a dog who is stressed out, what methods have you used to calm them down? Share below in the comments!

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  1. 10.24.17
    Kate said:

    Mochi is so adorable. I am so happy to see a pet parent trying to make their dog comfortable in scary situations.

    • 10.27.17
      Lauren said:

      Of course, he’s our baby!

  2. 10.24.17
    Ophelia Tang said:

    Mochi is so cute. My puppy like to bark when he hears the doorbell too. I would definitely see if this system would help.

    • 10.27.17
      Lauren said:

      I feel like barking at the doorbell is common, but Mochi takes it to another level. It’s like he doesn’t take a breath during barking and it’s just a steady stream of barks!

  3. 10.25.17
    Cori Pullin said:

    Aww, such a cutie!! We had a dog who would stress out over bad weather & thunderstorms. She just had to be sitting with us and be covered under a blanket to help calm her down. I have seen similar products to help pets with stress and I’ve often wondered about their effectiveness.

    • 10.27.17
      Lauren said:

      I will be trying this out to the full potential on Halloween, since I know there will be more of a chance of the doorbell ringing often! Luckily we don’t get thunderstorms in the Bay Area, or I am sure they would frighten Mochi.

  4. 10.25.17
    Esperanza said:

    This is so cool! Mochi is beautiful! I can’t wait until I can get a dog. My apartments don’t allow pets 🙁

    • 10.27.17
      Lauren said:

      That’s such a bummer. I wish more apartments would allow dogs!

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