Is the Lovevery Play Gym Worth It?

If you’re a new parent, then you know how overwhelming it can be to shop for your baby. The Lovevery Play Gym is the must-have item for new parents that can carry throughout their first year. But is the Lovevery Play Gym worth it? Keep reading to find out why this is one product that should be at the top of your baby registry.

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What is the Lovevery Play Gym?

The Parent’s Choice award-winning Lovevery Play Gym evolves with your baby from newborn to toddler, giving you years of play. The play gym comes with a soft, comfortable, and machine-washable mat. The whole gym is easy to set up. The play gym has a little mirror, wooden toys, black and white patterned cards, and even a cotton teether.

You can start using the Lovevery Play Gym right away with your newborn to entertain them during tummy time and diaper changes.

What comes with the play gym?

The play gym comes with a soft, comfortable, and machine washable mat and is easy to set up. The play gym has a little mirror, wooden toys, black and white patterned cards, and even a cloth book.

Once your baby gets older they’ll learn how to grasp the toys and look at them closely. The toys will fit into a baby’s hand perfectly and are made of natural, sustainable materials.

How long do babies use the Lovevery Play Gym?

The Play Gym can be enjoyed by babies from as young as 0 months old, and even older toddlers.

Play Gym Add-Ons

In the Lovevery shop, parents can create an additional piece for the play gym. The Sensory Strands have been Izzy’s favorite piece to play and hit while sitting in her Boppy on the mat.

The Sensory Strands create more overhead sensory exploration and encourage auditory stimulation.

Is the Lovevery Play Gym Worth It?

Yes! But, the Lovevery Play Gym is not cheap. It retails for $140, so it’s not for every budget. But if you’re looking for a single item that will grow with your infant and keep them entertained from day one until they reach toddlerhood, this is it.

It’s easy to assemble and has removable parts that you can use as toys on their own or add to the gym as your child’s needs change. The big mat — designed with a color palette specially chosen by early childhood experts — has lots of different textures to help babies develop fine motor skills through touch. There are also a variety of ribbons and hanging toys that make sounds or move when pulled or batted at.

We love how simple yet versatile this playmat is. It takes up enough floor space to keep your baby happy while rolling around and entertaining.

Ready to shop? Purchase the Lovevery Play Gym here.

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