The Best Free Digital Planners and Stickers

Maybe I have been living under a rock, but I never heard of digital planners until this week. I have always been a paper planner, but now there is this whole world of digital planners that I didn’t know about. Which means I have now gone on a deep dive to find out everything.

Here are the best free digital planners and stickers I have found online.

How to use a digital planner

Ever since I purchased an Apple Pencil in December, I have been determined to find ways on how to use it. With the Procreate App, I have found a love for digital lettering and drawing.

Now with digital planners, I have found a new use for the Apple Pencil.

You are going to need a few items to utilize these free digital planners and stickers.


  1. Apple iPad
  2. Apple Pencil or iPad Stylus
  3. Goodnotes App

The Best Free Digital Planners and Stickers

Creating with LucySign up for her newsletter to gain access.

Jess Massey – Download her free planner by clicking this link.

Julia K. CristFind her free digital planner by clicking here.

Thiss Planner – Aileen has a freebie library, full of planners, stickers, and inserts. Click here to get access!

The best free digital planner for Good Notes

The Pink Ink Shop – Not only does the site sell all things digital planning products, but they also have guides and courses teaching how to create your own business. I absolutely respect women who show exactly how they grow their businesses and the tools they use. Click here to get your free digital notebook.

By Hania’s Pen – Hania has an undated, weekly, and daily planner available for you here

Be Plan HappyClick here to sign up for the monthly newsletter & receive the password by email instantly.

Liz Kohler Brown – She has provided a free digital planner plus 64 planner stickers. Download here.

Life is Messy and Brilliant – Get a free digital planner with hyperlinks here.

KDigitalStudio – Kirstin created a freebie library of planners, notebooks, graphics, and more. Click here to view them all!

Paperly Planners – free digital notebooks and stickers available by clicking here.

Pam Alvarado – has created a free digital planner, absolutely free with no strings attached. Great way to test the waters to see if a digital planner is a good fit.

I hope this post helps you get an idea of how fun digital planning can be! I love that each planner can allow you to stay organized while on the go, no need to bring a large paper planner with you.

If you have a digital planner, notebook, or stickers, I want to hear from you! Email me or share in the comments.

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