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For a special treat to celebrate Mochi’s 11th birthday, I thought it would be fun to have him try Old Mother Hubbard’s All-Natural Dog Treats in a taste test video.

Needless to say, this was the cutest video that I ever created.

To get started, I ordered a variety of Old Mother Hubbard dog treats flavors from With 2-day shipping, it was a quick way to get his treats without leaving the house!

For the taste test, I picked up the following treats:

  • Original Assortment
  • P-Nuttier
  • Extra Tasty Assortment
  • P-Nuttier ‘n Nanners

From the minute the delivery guy dropped off the package, Mochi knew the contents inside were for him!

Mochi Reviews Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats

Spoiler alert, the Extra Tasty Assortment was Mochi’s favorite. But honestly, Mochi loves all of the treat flavors.

I like to give Mochi a treat to reward him for good behavior. For example, when he was a puppy, Mochi was scared of the blender. He would run and hide whenever I wanted to make smoothies.

To associate the blender with good feelings, I would call for Mochi and turn the blender on low. He would then peek around the corner and wag his tail when he saw that I had a treat for him. Distracting him from the blender noise and giving him a treat was helping to ease his anxiety.

I would continue to do this each day for a week. While making a smoothie, I would call for Mochi and give him a treat.

It was until one day, I turned on the blender where Mochi came up to me on his own and was practically dancing because he wanted a treat. I knew that the training worked and he was no longer scared of the blender!

Seeing his tail wag and his happy face made me feel like I really connected with him and allowed him to overcome his fear. Rewarding Mochi with the treats made both of us feel good!

Are you ready to spoil your pupper? Old Mother Hubbard is now available nationwide at Walmart! Click here to add to your next grocery delivery.

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