New to CBD Oil

Curious about CBD oil?

TBH, it was all pretty confusing to me.

I felt like it was a lot of new vocabulary was coming at me when I decided to investigate. Oils, tincture, vaping, dosages, gummies, etc.

It was a lot to break down.

But, then I was introduced to Feals.

From Feals’ education, I learned that tinctures are the safest, most effective delivery system for CBD.

How does it work?

The human body’s endocannabinoid system consists of tiny receptors that play a key role in regulating mood, pain and everyday experience. CBD helps these receptors do what’s needed in order to stimulate all kinds of beneficial changes throughout the body. You could even say our bodies are hard-wired to benefit from CBD.

Feals comes in three different strengths (600MG, 1200MG, and 2400MG) and I went with the bestseller 1200MG. But if you are unsure of which strength you would like to try, they have a CBD flight. It’s very popular and currently on a waitlist.

To get into a routine, I decided to take the oil at night when I take my vitamins. That way I remember to take it!

So after about two weeks of taking Feals at night, I found that my sleep is deeper and I wake up really rested.

Feeling like a newb in the beginning because I would put the drops under my tongue and then I would swallow. Oops.

Then I realized I was doing something wrong because I would get an after-taste.

But after watching a YouTube video on how to properly use CBD oil under the tongue, I was back in business. Just let the oil absorb for about 60 minutes underneath the tongue, then go about your day.

I am excited about using CBD in placement for times when I am feeling very anxious. Now that I know how my body has begun to feel relaxed when taking Feals at night, I am experimenting with a larger dose during the day.

Have you ever used CBD oils? I would love to hear your story! Share below in the comments so I can learn more.

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