Why Stitch Fix Is Not Working Out For You

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This post has been in my drafts folder for a few months now because I have seen a lot of people struggle with Stitch Fix. While I have had some Fixes that have missed the mark, I have learned how to make Stitch Fix work for me so I never have to go shopping at the mall again. 

While looking at Stitch Fix’s feed on Instagram, I am actually shocked by how many women complain about their Fixes.

If you ever heard yourself saying these things about your Fix, here are some guidelines to help you get amazing Fixes.

How can I let my stylist know that I like this style?

Wish stitch fix didn’t send such expensive clothes! I love them but can’t afford them.

I asked my stylist for the items specifically. She couldn’t get them. And I’d happily buy online but Stitch Fix won’t tell me the brands and sometimes they’re stitch exclusives.

This is beyond annoying. Stop showing clothes that are sold out or unavailable!! This is the third time you’ve shown items that I can’t get in my fix.

1. Write a thoughtful note to your stylist

This doesn’t mean that you need to write a long letter to your stylist, but do take the time to explain what you are looking for in the Fix. Yes, you need to do this every time. 

Unfortunately, your stylist is not a mind reader, so when you don’t leave a note or just say “Surprise Me!”, this leaves a lot of room for a disappointing Fix.

Your stylist is looking for an idea of what you interested in seeing for that month or season. Is there a vacation or event coming up? Is there a new trend you want to try? Mention to your stylist that you would love to try a cold-shoulder top, a flowy romper, or a cross-body satchel. Another way to get ideas for seasonal trends is to read this section of the Stitch Fix blog: http://blog.stitchfix.com/trends/

An example of a great note for your stylist:

Hi! I am looking for a longer skirt to wear on hot days with my children. I really hate my knees, so please nothing above the knee. I also love prints! Let’s try a bright color this summer. Also, I have a hard time putting outfits together, so please send a top that matches!

2. Pin, Pin, Pin

You should always be pinning for your stylist. This is a great way to see your style! Now, this doesn’t mean to start pinning bathing suits, workout clothes, or black tie dresses…because Stitch Fix doesn’t have them. The best idea to see what Stitch Fix can offer you and what clothes you might see in your Fix, is to follow the official Stitch Fix Pinterest Board. Then re-pin all of your favorite items from those boards!

After you have pinned all of your favorite Stitch Fix items, make sure you have your own Pinterest board properly linked on your Stitch Fix style profile.

To do this, go to your account: www.stitchfix.com/account > stylist profile > at the bottom there is a section that says “link to a specific board” > your board link should look like this: [but with your own board]

Pro tip: remember to add captions to the pin! If there is a specific reason why you love the piece you pinned, let your stylist know!

3. Your stylist is not a personal shopper

If you go into this subscription thinking that you are going to ask for specific items and get them, unfortunately, that is not the case. These stylists are working with an inventory which runs just like a retail shop…an item might sell out. For example, you see an amazing outfit posted on Instagram.

You know who else wanted that sweater or those shoes? Most likely, all the women who follow Stitch Fix on Instagram. Who are also writing to their stylists to say that want that same outfit.

It’s then up to your stylist to do her very best to find that sweater in your size and add it to your Fix. As you may know, that sweater might not make it in your Fix. It could have been a sizing issue or inventory issue. But if you pin it or write in your note that you REALLY wanted that ruffle sweater, of course, if she see’s it in stock, she will pull it for you.

Now, if that sweater is not in stock, she will do her best to find a similar one that fits that style. It’s her job to add items that are going to surprise and delight you! Please don’t be mad at your stylist, leave her feedback if you didn’t like the second choice. Then let her know if you want her to look again during your next Fix – it might be restocked.

4. Leave feedback

Okay, please give it straight to your stylist. Was it the color of the jeans you didn’t like? Was it the 3/4 sleeve or the buttons on the blouse? Or do you only like scoop neck shirts? It’s really helpful to give your stylist feedback on why you didn’t keep an item. Even if you love everything and it’s a buy 5, let her know why the pieces worked out for you, so she can keep pulling the items that you love! Another note –  if you kept the item because you gave it to your mom or sister, let her know! If you keep an item, your stylist assumes it’s for you.

5. Be aware of the prices

Honestly, if you always shop the sales or would never even dream of buying a $50 top, Stitch Fix is not going to be for you. The average price point of a piece is $50. Even if you say “cheaper is better” or “below $50” is your price point, you most likely are going to get pieces that average around $50. But the best thing about Stitch Fix is the buy 5. If you choose to keep all 5 times, you get a 25% discount off your entire purchase!

I see a lot of complaints about Stitch Fix prices, especially when people say that they could have found the same top for cheaper. Actually, that is not the case! For example, you may go to the mall and find a pair of jeans that are cheaper, but not the same jeans. Stitch Fix carries a variety of brands that are in-house and items that are exclusive to Stitch Fix. That’s what I find so amazing about this company, you won’t find these items in the mall!

Some frequently asked questions about Stitch Fix:
  1. Do bloggers get a better choice in clothing? No. Unfortunately, we don’t get first pick or a different selection of clothes in our Fix. We all get assigned stylists the same way.
  2. Can my stylist see my Instagram? Yes! If you add your Instagram account to your style profile, your stylist can view your photos to get a sense of your personal style.
  3. Can I request or change my stylist? Of course, you can! The best way to request a stylist or just change to a new one is to put the information in your Fix request. Right before your Fix is styled, the client will get an email to ask what you are looking for in the upcoming Fix. This is your time to add in the request.
  4. Can I exchange items? Yes. If you received an item but the size is wrong, reach out to customer support to see if they have the item in a different size. If it’s the difference between buying an item for a buy 5 discount, it’s definitely worth it to save money!
More tips I have found to have an amazing Fix:

Communication is the key to you and your stylist. I remember I once said, “I am so tired of my current wardrobe, send me something different!” You know what was sent to me? The highlights were a burgundy pencil skirt, a loud jacket, and floral jeans. None of the items was my style and I ended up losing the $20 styling fee. Now if I am in a mood to change up my wardrobe, I am specific in what I am looking for in the Fix.

My best Fix was during my bridal season. I had a month of bridal showers and bachelorette parties to attend. I was specific that I needed nicer dresses for the bridal shower and more fun items to wear to my bachelorette party in Vegas. Well ask and you shall receive! The Fix was amazing and full of maxi dresses and summer dress to wear to the events. Of course, I kept everything.

Want to see more Stitch Fix? You can see some of the previous Fixes in my archives here.

Are you thinking about joining Stitch Fix? Got a question or a comment about Stitch Fix? I am all ears! Leave a note in the comments below.





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    I attempted overnight oats once, but didn’t quite like the combination I chose. I’d like to try it again though since I eat a lot of oatmeal!


  2. 11.16.17
    Lisa said:

    I know this is an older post, but I’m a recent Stitch Fix user so I found it really helpful. I had tried to be really detailed in my feedback on the first fix, and I think it helped because my second fix was almost a keep-it-all. I’m leaving equally detailed feedback on the second fix. Based on your advice, I will start following Stitch Fix on Pinterest and will add more things to my clothing board there. I also appreciate knowing about the prices. Thanks for this post.

    • 11.16.17
      Lauren said:

      Hi Lisa,

      I am so happy to hear that you found this post helpful. I hope that your next Fix is a buy 5!

  3. 1.22.18

    I honestly haven’t used them before, but was always curious. You make some excellent points here though on how to get the most out of this service. No one is a mind reader, but we can learn to understand what you want if clients are absolutely clear in their communication. The C word…works every time.

    Thrifting Diva

  4. 1.22.18
    Kirsten said:

    I really like the idea of Stitch Fix but financially I’m not able to try it. I would love to though.

  5. 1.22.18

    OMG! I have been an avid Stitch Fix lover for over a year now (I’ve kept everything … most of it I’ve loved … sometimes it’s just cheaper to keep everything), but I NEVER KNEW about linking my social media accounts and Pinterest! Doing that ASAP. Thanks for the tips!

  6. 1.22.18
    Jenny said:

    I’ve never tried StitchFix before but I have heard a lot about it. I am definitely interested in trying it at some point.

  7. 1.22.18
    Angie said:

    While I love the idea of Stitch Fix and other similar boxes, I’m the WORST at getting back to the PO so I could never do it… I’d end up accidentally buying everything just because I forget to mail it back. Haha!

  8. 1.23.18
    Julia said:

    These are great tips. I’ve been using stitch fix for a while now and am happy for the most part, but some of these would help increase satisfaction!

  9. 6.22.18
    Helena said:

    Stitch Fix is not working for me, even though I leave REALLY detailed info about what I want! I wish I could have your success. I just can’t seem to get a stylist who really reads the info in my profile. Any tips on that? 🙂

    • 6.25.18
      Lauren said:

      Hi Helena, my stylist is Raquel. You should ask for her!

      But, I would suggest pinning a lot. Head to Pinterest.com/stitchfix and pin from their items since that is what you are going to see in your Fixes!

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