How We Use Alexa’s Skill Blueprints at Home

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With Amazon Alexa in our home, our life has gotten a little bit easier. It’s like having a second set of hands to help with everyday tasks.

Alexa knows that I love to play the La La Land soundtrack while cleaning dishes, I constantly need reminding to change the laundry, and what I should pack for weekend getaways to Carmel.

With Alexa’s newest feature, Skill Blueprints, my Echo now has the ability to be personalized and help everyone in the house.

Alexa Skill Blueprints

In addition to the thousands of skills, the Amazon Echo can already provide, Skill Blueprints has the ability to assist anyone in the house with everyday tasks and even surprise and delight with personalized commentary.

To get started, click over to the Alexa Skill Blueprints site, where there are over twenty templates, in six categories you can use to customize your Echo or Alexa enabled device.

  • Compliment a family member
  • Create a family trivia game
  • Build household chore charts
  • Personalize flashcards
  • Create a petsitter guide
  • Find the spare key
  • Remember the wifi password

If you get stumped on how to use Skill Blueprints, just ask, “Alexa, let’s try a Blueprint.”

To help inspire you with some of Alexa’s new abilities, I created a mini video on how we use Alexa Skill Blueprints in our home.

The Amazon Echo now comes in a wide range of styles to fit into your home decor.

I love this second generation model with the charcoal fabric. Not a fan of dark grey? You now have the ability to change the shell to a different finish like walnut or oak.

I truly feel like I am living in an episode of The Jetsons when I have Alexa help me around the house!

With Skill Blueprints, there is no limit to the number of skills you can create and new skills will be added often.

If you have an Amazon Echo or Dot, I would love to know how you use your device at home. Share a comment below with your favorite Skill Blueprint.








  1. Angela Kim wrote:

    I can’t live without my Echo. It’s the best invention since smartphones!

    Posted 5.7.18
  2. Jessica wrote:

    I do not have an echo, but I want one now. The comments are worth it alone. lol

    Posted 5.7.18
  3. kerri wrote:

    This is awesome! I had no idea Alexa could do this!

    Posted 5.8.18
  4. Technology is so clever these days! We have the Google Home and only really use it as a music player at the moment and to answer homework 😉 Need to put it through its paces! Sim x

    Posted 5.10.18
  5. Dogvills wrote:

    This is so wonderful. Technology nowadays is unbelievable! I may be technologically challenged at times but I can always learn. 🙂

    Posted 5.11.18
  6. Jocelyn wrote:

    I have a Google Home Mini, not an Echo, and I love using it to play music or the sound of rain if I’m working on a project. Reading your post, I might have to see what else it can do!

    Posted 5.12.18

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