COOLA Skin Care Review

In January 2021, COOLA made the jump from sun care into skin care with the addition of six brand-new items. The COOLA skin care line creates an entire routine towards protecting the skin’s barrier.

Coola Skin Care Review

As a matter of fact, COOLA, has been a staple in my beauty routine for SPF together with blue light protection for years.

Before getting into the new products, see my review on some of my favorite sun protection products.

COOLA has now increased its product line with cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator, serum, mask, and face mist, which ranges from $28-$52. 

Without delay, here are the newest COOLA skincare products I am trying out from this new collection.

Glowing Greens Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Gel

Hero ingredients: aloe vera extract, cucumber extract, seaweed, and celery leaf.

Vital Rush Skin Renewal Serum

Hero ingredients: hyaluronic acid, camu camu extract, goji berry, and moringa oil.

The Great Barrier Cream Fortifying Moisturizer

Hero ingredients: full spectrum 360 complex, California sea kelp actives, and blue algae extract.

Is COOLA all natural?

Yes! COOLA provides a high standard to its products.

Notably, each of their products is crafted with at least 70% organic ingredients.

In addition, all COOLA products are formulated with ingredients that are made with sustainable farming practices and support local communities.

Is COOLA reef safe?

Coola products satisfy reef-friendly requirements recently recognized by Hawaii’s government.

These requirements ban the sale of sunscreens containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate.

All of COOLA products can be found at

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